I've been employed as a software developer at Bredband2 since August 2012. Since then I've been a part of small team building a CRM for internal use. We spent quite some time initially figuring out a way to organize the various domain and business objects where the Rails Way™ didn't cut it. Over the years we managed to develop a structure we felt happy about and we also built various microservices around the CRM as support, mostly using the same frameworks and structure.


I created a website called ("open preschool") to track the opening hours for preschools in Malmö. It monitors the official pages of the preschools with the help of Huginn and notifies me of changes. It has a simple admin interface where I can publish the changes for others to benefit from too!



As a hobby project together with a friend, I developed a webapp for managing a household economy*. Me and my partner got tired of going through receipts at the end of the month and keeping a google spreadsheet or whatever to figure out who pays what. The app is called Kombo after the Swedish expression of people sharing a flat being kombos, while a couple living together are called sambos. We chose this to emphasize that the app worked just as well - or even better? - for households with more than 2 people.

Due to lack of time the app never went to production, but the staging environment is still running.


*) I honestly dont know if this is the right word in English...


While I was pretty content with the webapp, it did feel somewhat lacking on my iPhone. I stumbled upon a free course in ReactNative and after hearing all the buzz about React I figured it was worth checking out. I wasn't disappointed!

This version lacks some functionality from the webapp.