Pixelfed (beta) with Docker and Traefik

Are you sick of data mining and ads? Want to share photos in an Instagram like way with friends and keep control over your data? Pixelfed is an open source alternative that's fairly easy to self host.

Adding webhooks to Matrix

Add webhooks to your Matrix setup with a few simple steps, using Docker and Traefik together with matrix-appservice-webhooks

Ghost and production

There are 2 things you need to do to get ghost to run in production mode with docker: Add the NODE_ENV docker run -d --name ghost -v /path/to/blog:/var/lib/ghost -e NODE_ENV=production -p 2368:2368 ghost This is for ghost v0.11.x. For v1.x.x have a look at this post []! Note: If you're having trouble with the permissions on files in the volume, for example when trying to pull/add a theme, add this to the command above: -u $(id -u $USER):$(id -g

Blog up and running

So I figured I wanted to have a blog and in the process redo my homepage. A friend recommended Ghost and when trying out their hosted Pro version I thought it looked great! This is for ghost v0.11.x. For v1.x.x have a look at this post []! I wanted a clean and simple theme and when looking through the Ghost marketplace I found Steam []. I had some experience with Handlebars already and I quickly glanced through the