Tweet new posts automatically

A must when blogging is of course to post a tweet whenever you publish a new post! It took me literally 15 minutes to set this up with Huginn.

Notifications for failed cron jobs

Cron jobs are a vital part of every sysadmins setup. Backups, log rotation, certificate renewal and whatnot. I've mostly just relied on them working as they should until now, but with my recent Huginn + Matrix obsession I figured I should have some sort of notifications. Crontab supports sending emails for your jobs, all you have to do is add at the top. It defaults (on most distros) to sendmail, which I discovered was kind of a pain to set up. Instead I found t

My two favourite services

So I do a lot of self-hosting these days. I've always been keen on trying out new stuff that turns up but most of the services I just set up, keep for a couple of weeks and never use. There are two exceptions which makes up most of my self-hosting "base": Huginn [] and Dokku []. They are brilliant! Dokku I'll start with dokku since it's what powers most of my apps today. Huginn for example I run through dokku. > A docker-powered P