Finally I have released the client I've written for Gammu SMSD, which I use on my Raspberry Pi Zero SMS gateway. It's a React app with a Node Express backend to fetch the stored messages from a Postgres database. While still a WIP (needs auth and some UI love) it works fine for receiving and sending/replying to SMS.

💻👉 The source code is here with instructions for the different ways of deploying.

I myself run it directly on my Raspberry Pi with Docker but it's also possible to have it connect to an existing Postgres instance in case you already have that set up. Or just run it on a separate machine, preferably with docker-compose and have your gammu-smsd connect to the database container.

I learnt quite a lot building this, both about some Gammu internals and React/Node. My first try was to build the backend in Crystal because I figured having a small binary to ship would be perfect for a RPi but that turned out being harder then expected. That might be content for another blog post...

It also turned out building Docker images on a RPi was messy which led me to the discovery I wrote about in my last post. I included a version of the script from my example in this repository too, to make it easy for others to build and deploy the armv6 version of the Docker image.

Anyways I hope someone finds this useful and please drop me a line with any feedback you might have!